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For those of you who don't frequent the ACJCC Facebook page, I was involved in an accident earlier this week that most likely totaled my 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster. Waiting at a red light and a distracted driver (texting) in a Dodge Ram rear ended us. We ended up being shoved into the Toyota sedan in front of us so crunched in both directions.

While we got banged up pretty good, my daughter and I were fortunate enough to walk away from the incident. The MCSO called a wrecker and the car was towed from the scene. The next day I called Hagerty, my insurance, and was pleased when they took control and said they would immediately take my car, pay for the towing and storage fees, and have it assessed for damage. If not repairable they would honor the agreed value. I would also be given a chance to buy the car back for some yet to be determined "salvage?" value.

So, my beloved Fairlady was taken to COPART in Phoenix on Monday and I have not heard anything since then. Out of curiosity I looked up this business on Yelp and was disappointed in the comments. The long wait times is one thing but so many people complaining of either theft of their personal belongings or parts being stripped from their car.

One guy specifically warns that if you buy your car back from insurance to see it first as his was stripped of parts from when it left the scene. I find that I am now kicking myself for leaving my mint condition owners manual in the glove box or the locking gas cap which I see sitting loose on the back bumper in the photos. Those things sell for $100+ alone used. The old style Panasport center hub covers. Very hard to find item. Maybe $300 of stuff I could have grabbed in 30 seconds but obviously my mind was on other things at the time.

Has anyone here ever dealt with this COPART before? What were your experiences? How likely is it that someone has helped themselves to whatever bling they can snag. It's not necessarily a money thing. I have thought about donating it as a "dont text and drive" exhibition or school autobody class or helping other roadster owners with parts but I don't like the idea of having anyone steal off of it either. ... =date_desc
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