Can't see the new banner photo... try this

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Can't see the new banner photo... try this

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Your web browser saves images in its "cache". This saves time next time you visit the web site because you won't have to download the images again. Some browsers will check the file date before using a cached image, while others may not. So.... when I update the site banner image, you may continue seeing the old image for a length of time based on how often your browser checks the image.

If a new banner has been posted, and you don't see it, try the following: Clear your browser cache

On Chrome it is done as follows:

1. On the upper right of the browser page find three vertical dots. When you hover over the dots it says "Customize and control Google Chrome".
2. Click on the three dots, and it will take you to the browser settings page.
3. Under the block labeled "Privacy and security" click on the line that says "Clear browsing data"
4. Highlight only the check box that says "Cached images and files"
5. Click on the "Clear Data" box. This will remove the old banner image, and replace it with the current banner image.

6. Other browsers i.e. Brave, Firefox, Explorer, etc can be cleared in a similar fashion, allowing the current banner to display.

Hope this helps,
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