1986 cressida station wagon

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1986 cressida station wagon

Post by Toywagon82 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:33 pm

After my xterra died on me i was in a rush to find a new daily driver. A friend of mine was selling this 86 cressida and as soon as i looked through the pictures i fell in love.
It was already lowered on megan coilovers, it had some SSR Mk1s( i was not a fan) and the chassis was near perfect. The interior has no rips, the seats are pretty faded but it doesnt really bother me. There are a few plastic pieces on the door panels that id like to replace but aside from that its awesome. It had 115k on it when i got it. I noticed it ran a little rough and i could feel the suspension was shot. I threw a new set of spark plugs, cables, a new dizzy cap and rotor and it ran alot better. Before my friend got it he said it sat for quite some time so he flushed the tank and fixed a few leaks and drove it around town here and there. I still notice a small misfire so i have a new fuel filter for it and i plan to service the injectors. I decided to remount the jdm mirrors because one fell off and the other was barely hanging on. Then i took apart the front end and replaced the rotors, calipers, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, control arms+ sway bar bushings. I threw a set of celica p type wheels on it and lowered it a tiny bit more. Now im at about 120k miles after owning it 2 months and its been so nice to drive. It has ac and just about everything works. Im having some trouble with two of the windows but ill eventually make time to sort that out. The only major plans i have for it are to 5 speed swap it, a nice sound system, tint the windows and find some nice era correct 3 piece wheels for it. Ill have some more updates as we go through it some more. Thanks for viewing!

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Re: 1986 cressida station wagon

Post by Randalla » Sat Apr 25, 2020 7:03 pm

Nice find Aaron. I like it a lot. Always have had a thing for vintage wagons. I actually like the Celica wheels on it. I looked for three months for a set of these for my customer's 1983 Celica.
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Re: 1986 cressida station wagon

Post by Toywagon82 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 8:48 pm

Thanks randy! They are 14x7 with a -5 offset. Im running a 25mm spacer and i still have so much clearance in the rear for wider wheels lol. If you still need a set i can get you in touch with a friend that has a few sets. I believe the scrap yard on broadway has a set right now too

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